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Filter TR-20430

Produktnummer: 1003320
inkl. mva.

Technical specifications
114 mm
Outer diameter:
179 mm
3 µm


Model: M-100
Art. Nr.: TR-20430
Color: Green print
Micron: 3 micron absolute | ß3 = 929
Fluidtype: Hydraulic oil max. 180 cSt
Dimensions: Ø179 x H114 mm
Use with: AL, BU, HP, SE and OSCA systems
Material: Engineered cellulose
The filter elements of Triple R are produced in Japan. A very accurate production process and strict inspections ensure that each filter element complies with the requirements. Because of their unique and patented composition, the filter elements of Triple R are the only ones that can counter (solid) particles, water AND the development of resin.
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