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Filter insert for diesel oil 8L

Produktnummer: 1012473
inkl. mva.

Technical Data
45 cSt
Canister volume (L):
Absolute filter rating:
5 µm
Dirt holding capacity (L):


Technical specifications
252 mm
Outer diameter:
207 mm


Filter Inserts for diesel oil 2302C
Engine fuel oil systems are getting increasingly sensitive to particles and water contamination. Filter 2302C is optimized for removing small particles and supports GreenOil units with built in coalescer for water removal.
All GreenOil 8 Liter filter inserts are designed for optimal dirt holding capacity and maximum filter performance. The filter canister enables fast filter replacement without fysical contact with oil. Tests have shown that GreenOil filters remove soft contaminants that are precursors for the formation of varnish in the oil. Consequently, Green Oil filters continuously keep VPR (Varnish Potential Rating) below critical figures even in systems with high loads and elevated temperatures.
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